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Let us introduce the Fresh-O Machine

Fresh Air Machine or Outdoor Installed Air Purifier exists in department store, hotel and cinema to increase oxygen level inside the complex.

Fresh-O Air Machine by G-life or Outdoor Installed Air Purifier is designing and adjusting into smaller unit and suitable for household user and smaller complex.

The System helps protect against allergic substance from outdoor by creates Positive Pressure inside the room which is the standard to make a Clean Room in hospital. A properly sealed Positive Pressure House will prevent outdoor air from encroaching into home, forming an effective barrier against dust, germs and pollutant.


Fresh-O Specification

Have a double safety short circuit and can

operate non-stop 24/7


Air Outlet- installed inside the room

Activated Carbon or two layers of high quality carbon designed overlapping to effectively trap odor and all kind of pollution

 ULPA Filter, 0.1 micron ULPA Filter, efficiency 99.9995% to eliminate bacteria, mold and virus.

Remote Controller

Warranty 10 years
Other spare parts 2 years warranty except filters