Dust Free House
Better Indoor Air Quality for Better Living

How G-life's Function

6 Steps Filtration to eliminate allergic substance

House with Fresh-O System
  • Increase oxygen and fresh air in the house continuously to create a higher pressure within the house

  • The pressure inside the house pushes contaminated air through door gap

  • Outside Air cannot leak in because it has less pressure than inside air

  • The 5 steps filtration to eliminate odor, germs, dust, pollutants and allergic substances

Key Facts
  • Air Conditioner CANNOT PRODUCE OXYGEN. Trying to rest in such a room deprives us of the oxygen our bodies need

  • While other Air Purifiers only keep purifying air within the room and do not bring new air instead

House WITHOUT Fresh-O System

House without appropriate air flow system

  • Lack of oxygen due to constant consumption, preventing our bodies from regenerating sufficiently

  • Increasing indoor air pollutant such as dust, germs, carbon dioxide buildup, odor, etc.

  • Promoting Sick Building Syndrome

House that uses Ventilation Fan

  • Lower pressure in the house

  • Constant introduction of outdoor air including dust, germs, pollutants, allergens and odor

  • This method is not a proper solution because the air outside keeps leaking in

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