How our system works

Our system operates the same as air ventilation system inside large commercial facilities such as shopping malls, hotels, and cinemas. It works by aerating fresh clean air into the house 24/7 to create Positive Air Pressure that will act as a shield protecting your house from outside contamination.

  • Continuously aerates fresh clean air into the house to increase oxygen level and create Positive Pressure House state.
  • Ensure clean and sterilized air by using 6-Steps Filtration Systemthat can eliminate dust, pollutions, airborne germs and allergens at 99.999% efficiency.
  • The air inflow will push old stale air that full of carbon dioxide and allergens out of your home.
  • Positive Pressure House will act as a sheild keeping your house safe from outside contamination.

Positive Pressure House

Negative Pressure House

Without any Ventilantion

  • Normal air ventilation fan can drain the stale air inside your house, but cannot replace it with oxygen-rich air. This will also create a Negative Pressure House state.
  • Negative Pressure House will cause an inflow of outside contaminated air fulls of dust, pollutions, germs, and allergens.
  • Even with air purifier, your house could still be prone to outside contaminations and cannot stop them from entering your house.
  • Without any ventilation system inside oxygen level would gradually decrease along with accumulatin of carbon dioxide. Eventually, it would lack oxygen and cause anemia when you wake up.
  • Dust, Germs and Allergens will keep building up inside your house and make you vulnerable to sickness and allegies.
  • Staying in contaminated rooms for a long time could cause you “Sick Building Syndrome” .

Filtration System

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