Room with Positive pressure System

  • Positive Pressure House is where pressure within the house is higher that the outside pressure, allowing the air inside the house to push out


  • To create a Positive Pressure House every window must be properly sealed to contain the air flow

  • A properly sealed Positive Pressure House will prevent outdoor air from encoraching into the home, forming an effective barrier against dust, germs and pollutant


  • An effective Positive Pressure House will form an effective barrier against dust, germs and pollutant


  • Clean Fresh Air rich in oxygen will greatly benefit your entire family with great health

Positive Pressure Room

Positive Pressure Room


• Can be found in operating hospital room or food industry packing room


• Adding clean fresh air continuously into the room with higher pressure than outside.

Why you need to choose a Fresh O house ?


2 Main Reasons 

1.Our bodies require oxygen to gernerate and stay healthy. When we stay in a room with sealed windows and closed doors, we limit the level of available oxygen within the room. Air conditioner helps keep us cool while an Air Purifier cleanses the air already inside the room. but you should understand that these machines " CANNOT PRODUCE OXYGEN ". Trying to rest in such a room deprives us of the oxygen our bodies need.


        FreshO is  the solution we need as it is able to bring in fresh outdoor air that is rich in oxygen without the dust and allergenic causing pollution.


2.With the high level of pollution in today's city living, it is unthainkable to enjoy " fresh air" using conventional ventilation such as ceiling fans.


        FreshO is the only solution for you as it simultaneously filters out all the pollution with its Activated Carbon, UPLA and Ultraviolet filters, bringing into your house the same purify of air experienced by clean rooms in hospitals and the food industry.



"These days, the modern houses such as luxury homes promote better living by delivering clean fresh air directly into the home. The FreshO System can help make every house to be a dust free house, the same as luxury house "

Example of a room with FreshO system

Room with FreshO system

  • Continuously increase oxygen level


  • Higher Pressure within the room, creating airflow that keeps pushing out through doors and windows                      

  • Outflowing air forms a barrier to keep out dust, allergens , germs and pollutants from entering the room

Example rooms without FreshO system.

Room without appropriate air circulation


  • Lack of oxygen due to constant consumption, preventing our bodies from regenerating sufficiently


  • Increasing indoor air pollutant such as dust, germs, carbon dioxide buildup, odor, etc.


  • Promoting Sick Building Syndrome

Room that uses Ventilation Fan


  • Lower pressure in room


  • Constant introduction of outdoor air including dust, germs ,pollutant, allergens, as well as odor