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Clean Fresh Air Machine by G-life

Our 3 core benefits

  • The machine produces clean fresh oxygen rich air into your house by creating higher pressure within your house

  • A Positive Pressure House helps to prevent dust and pollutant from entering your house

Our Fresh-O System is the same system used in department store, hotel and cinema which is continuously adding fresh air to create higher pressure inside than the outside.

Clean Fresh Air Machine by G-life adds clean fresh oxygen without dust, germs and pollutants. A higher pressure within the room, creating airflow that keeps pushing out through doors and windows. While out flowing air forms a barrier to keep out dust, allergens, germs and pollutant from entering the room.


“When a landfill nearby my house was on fire I had to move my family to a hotel. After we installed G-Life Fresh Air System I was able to move back to my house and do not have any worries about air pollution entering my house. This machine is really impressive.”

Surapong Wongwatanaroj

CEO Surapon Food Public Company

Deputy Director Board of Trade of Thailand.

“I live near a paint factory with foul odors outside all day long from toxic residues from the paint factory. I installed a G-Life fresh oxygen machine in my home ten years ago. I never open my windows. I relax all year round, no dust, no smell, rodents and insects. I am totally comfortable in my home now”

 Prasart Kiatpaibulkit
Managing Director Of G-Evolution Company
"I made my house a positive pressure dust free house with G-Life Fresh Air System. The system filled up my house with Fresh Oxygen around the clock, 7 days a week. My daughter really loves my dust free house.  My son got a system for his house to make a dust free home for his family.”

Chainarong Tienchaikul

Chairman, PP Packaging Co., Ltd.

Chairman, The Federation of Thai Industries, Nakorn Prathom

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