For dust free house

5 Steps Filtration to eliminate allergic substance

Step 1

Pre Filter to trap big particle,pollen fur and etc


step 2

Activated Carbon Filter 1 to absorb odor and eliminate smell

Step 3

Activated Carbon Filter 2, forms a second protective layer against air pollutant

Step 4

ULPA Filter, 0.1 Micron  efficiency of up to 99.9995% to arrest bacteria, mold, virus

Step 5

UV Lamp, UV-C Germicidal Ultra Violet Light to eradicate remaining germs that managed to escape the UPLA fileration


Clean Fresh Air System:

  • Create 2.5 Pascal Positive Pressure inside the room to protect the room from germs and pollution

  • 5 steps filtration, 120 nanometer filter with UV-C germicidal light to kill germs and Carbon Filter for odor removal 

  • Air Flow Rate: 85 CFM

  • Dimension: 49.5x67.5x25cm

  • Weight: 21 kg.

  • Pre filter: Synthetic filter

  • Deodorizing filter: Double layer Diverting Solid pack High Absorption Activated Carbon Filter, Iodine value 600 Mg/G, thickness 8 cm

  • Main filter: ULPA filter, efficiency [DOP]:  99.999%@0.12um. Primary resistance ≥160pa, Air velocity:200(m3/h).

  • UV-C: Germicidal UV Lamp 6 w.

  • Power consumption: Max 65 w.